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What’s bigger than a gluten-free bread box?


Shnitzer Glutenfree

Schnitzer gluten free organic breads are now on shelves in a growing number of retailers in Ontario and Nova Scotia.

Made with sourdough starters, these fresh breads are certified gluten-free & organic to EU Standards.

Unique packaging, without oxygen, lets you store shelf-stable baguettes, focaccia, or panini in your pantry for months.

For optimal, fresh bread result & broad smiles, heating bread per package instructions is highly recommended.

See the map below for locations stocking Schnitzer breads.

For retail availability of Schnitzer Gluten-Free Organic Beer Click here.

Coming soon to British Columbia, Alberta, Ottawa, Eastern Ontario, London, Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph.

Distributed by Vino Appia Sales, a division of The Healthy Wine Agent.

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